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My name is Pete Braidis and I'm in Haddon Heights, New Jersey and my goal is to point out how bad so many album and book covers are as well as review classic (usually awful) creature/monster flicks. I also have a book due out in June 2016 dedicated to guitar players I feel have never gotten their due. I interviewed 50 players from around the world and it took nearly 2 years to complete. It's called Unstrung Heroes: Fifty Guitar Players You Should Know and here's the link: Sometimes, I'll actually do something normal like a band history with album reviews but I try to do the funny stuff because it's my job to make anyone that bothered coming on here to laugh.

Wretched monster movies #22: The White Buffalo (1977)

After the amazing success of Jaws, any creature was fair game to hit the screens munching on unsuspecting humans. What a wonderful world. That world would include the oddball 1977 flick The White Buffalo starring Charles Bronson as “Wild Bill” Hickok haunted by…you … Continue reading

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40 Naked, Shameful Book/Magazine/Comic Book Covers to Be Baffled By (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a naked picture WITH words must be worth thousands of dollars! Unless of course, the picture is wretched. Thus, we have some of the most abysmal book covers and magazines (and … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #21: Deep Star Six (1989)

1989 was a fantastic year for creatures of the sea in cinema. We had Leviathan, Endless Descent (aka The Rift), the James Cameron masterpiece The Abyss and a personal favorite of mine that I know sucks, DeepStar Six. Directed with wonderful ineptness by Sean S. Cunningham of Friday … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #20: Slugs: The Movie (1988) slightly NSFW

Not to be confused with Slugs: The Opera, 1988’s Slugs: The Movie was quite easily one of the most ridiculous of the creatures gone amok movies of all-time. You had to appreciate the effort though. Sort of. The opening is a shameless … Continue reading

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Outtakes: 30 Abominable album covers that didn’t make the cut last time

1. Vuco-Vuco II Vuco II lacked the magic of the first album, but the cover art made up for it. Those nipples are very Vuco indeed. 2. Mica Ostojic-Trofortaljka It’s not just that Mica looks like Benny Hill in drag, but … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #19: Day Of The Animals (1977)

You gotta love a movie with serious intentions that becomes utterly hilarious. Released in 1977, the ludicrous Day Of The Animals takes the cake. Oh yeah, this poster had me suckered in as they all did back then, but if only I knew … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #18: Night Of The Lepus (1972)

Mankind has been terrified of rabbits since the beginning of time. This is why Elmer Fudd came into existence to save us all. Everyone knows this. After all, if we weren’t scared of rabbits then why does the cinematic masterpiece … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #17: Killer Fish (1979)

Lee Majors? The Six Million Dollar Man himself in a movie with a $6 budget? You betcha, and welcome to Killer Fish, a film truly worthy of its name. This Italian made crapfest was shot on location in Brazil, and … Continue reading

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101 Naked Album Covers-The Good, The Bad and the Very, Very Ugly (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Originally posted on ChudbeaglemusicBlog:
No nudes is bad news. At least in some cases. My goal here is to entice you with some of the hottest album covers with nudity in history as well as to repulse you. There’s no…

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25 Holiday Album Covers To Destroy Your Christmas

This has been done before, and will be done again. However, I’ve never done it-so now it is my delight to bring you 25 truly wretched Christmas album covers (and the music ain’t good either) to hopefully add a little horror, … Continue reading

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