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My name is Pete Braidis and I'm in Haddon Heights, New Jersey and my goal is to point out how bad so many album and book covers are as well as review classic (usually awful) creature/monster flicks. I also have a book due out in June 2016 dedicated to guitar players I feel have never gotten their due. I interviewed 50 players from around the world and it took nearly 2 years to complete. It's called Unstrung Heroes: Fifty Guitar Players You Should Know and here's the link: Sometimes, I'll actually do something normal like a band history with album reviews but I try to do the funny stuff because it's my job to make anyone that bothered coming on here to laugh.

MTV 1980s-1990s DVD list

This is an updated list as of February 2021. MTV Original 80’s video airings (All of these are 80s videos, many of them rare as they were originally aired on MTV. Quality varies from fair to excellent. Most are very … Continue reading

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Legendary singles that flopped Part 1: The Police “Message in a Bottle”

The Police “Message in a Bottle” US #74 (1979)   Without a doubt, “Message in a Bottle” by The Police is one of the most legendary songs ever written. Sting’s tale of isolation and loneliness leading to despair, but then … Continue reading

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25 Holiday Album Covers To Destroy Your Christmas

Originally posted on ChudbeaglemusicBlog:
This has been done before, and will be done again. However, I’ve never done it-so now it is my delight to bring you 25 truly wretched Christmas album covers (and the music ain’t good either) to hopefully…

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Unstrung Heroes: Fifty Guitar Greats You Should Know…my book is out!

Why I haven’t mentioned this on here, I do not know, but I haven’t used the blog in many months. In any case, my book Unstrung Heroes: Fifty Guitar Greats You Should Know came out in June and is available on … Continue reading

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Easter horrors: good and bad album covers with rabbits and bunnies

Well, it’s that time of year again, so why not celebrate Easter with some truly horrific album covers featuring rabbits and/or bunnies? I did include a few awesome bands and album covers, but it’s mostly the weird, warped and wretched … Continue reading

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Gone to the Dogs: Best album covers featuring pooches

Cats rule, dogs drool, but for now I will throw a bone (ha, ha) to canine lovers and dedicated my first blog in an eternity to album covers with pooches in no special order. Enjoy some awful puns I throw … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #25: Barracuda (1978)

Another cool poster that did not tell the truth about the fishy contents of the film it promoted, Barracuda was an odd entry into this wonderful world of aquatic horrors. When I saw this ad in the newspaper, I begged my Dad … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #24: Island Claws (1980)

Are crabs scary? Sexually, yes. As creatures to flee from in terror? Not so much. Thus, we have Island Claws another Jaws knock-off which equals Jaws in the following ways: it has a beginning and an ending. The scene on this box does not occur, but … Continue reading

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50 film sequels nobody ever asked for

I haven’t done a blog entry in a long time because I was writing a music book and that is due early next year. More on that later. But it is now time to return with something painful. We know … Continue reading

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Wretched monster movies #23: The Boogens (1981)

Watch out for them boogens! There was something in the coal mines way, way back and there still is, we learn. The setting is a snowy Colorado locale where a mine is being reopened for the first time in decades. Two … Continue reading

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