Gone to the Dogs: Best album covers featuring pooches

Cats rule, dogs drool, but for now I will throw a bone (ha, ha) to canine lovers and dedicated my first blog in an eternity to album covers with pooches in no special order. Enjoy some awful puns I throw in, woof it down and enjoy…

1.) Weezer-Raditude (2009)

This is life at it’s most pawesome.

2.) Mose Jones-Mose Knows! (1973)

Southern Rockers from the 70s, Mose Jones didn’t sell many copies, but they earn major points for this nosy cover.

3.) Rush-Signals (1982)

My favorite album by my favorite band and my favorite album cover. What else can I say? It’s all brilliant and another amazing design by Hugh Syme!

4.) The Church-Priest=Aura (1992)

Fantastic album by a very unique band with a proud pooch of a desert nature.

5.) Squeeze-Domino (1998)

Although record buyers resisted this album from the great Squeeze, it couldn’t have been because of this lovable mutt!

6.) Kristen Barry-The Beginning. The Middle. The End. (1996)

Forgettable late 90s Alt-Rock, but this cover is frickin’ genius, so I give Ms. Barry a pass.

7.) Paul Gilbert-Flying Dog (1998)

Great album from Mr. Big guitar wizard Paul Gilbert, and how can you not see the greatness here?

8.) John Entwistle’s Ox-Mad Dog (1975)

Most of late Who bass legend John “The Ox” Entwistle’s solo albums were an acquired taste, and this album is no exception, with an album cover looking like a poster for a low-budget horror flick.

9.) Eric Clapton-There’s One in Every Crowd (1975)

Drugs, alcohol and poor attempts at Gospel and Reggae do not make for one of Slowhand’s better moments, but this cover is inspired genius.

10.) James Taylor-One Man Dog (1973)

No word as to whether the beast tipped James over the boat for wearing that ghastly tie…

11.) Joni Mitchell-Dog Eat Dog (1985)

Not sure what the hell is going on here, but this album was abysmal and when you think you’re creating “art” by recording the sounds of a cigarette machine as a song you’ve lost the plot…

12.) Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (1969)

Is this dog was female, did Neil call her his “Cinnamon Girl”?

13.) Fleetwood Mac-Tusk (1979)

I love this strange double-album adventure, and this bizarre cover only adds to the excellence of it. By the way, the chomping hound was producer Ken Caillat’s beast named Scooter.

14.) Blur-Parklife (1994)


Give me Oasis over Blur any day, but Blur are cool too and this cover? Well, it’s kinda awesome, isn’t it?

15.) Captain & Tennille-Love Will Keep Us Together (1975)


This begs the question…which one is the Captain and which one Tennille? I’ve heard Tennille was a bulldog in the sack, so let’s say both are Tennille. Did the Captain wear his sailor’s hat while he was at half-mast?

16.) Mickey Katz-Katz Puts on the Dog (1957)


Why do I feel this dog was waiting for the slow release of death?

17.) Phil Everly-Star Spangled Springer (1973)


I’m assuming Phil lost all mental capacities by this time. This dog is a shitty dresser on top of that.

18.) Butthole Surfers-Locust Abortion Technician (1987)


These guys were actually cool, and yes, it’s meant to creep you out. Mission accomplished.

19.) Status Quo-Dog of Two Head (1971)


One of the UK’s biggest bands ever, but this was just before they hit it big. With an album cover like this, I can see why this wasn’t a smash. Are those paperclips?

20.) Ludacris-Word of Mouf (2001)


Hmmmm…what’s more frightening here: A misshapen Ludacris with massive ‘fro, the gold teefs on the dog (like how I spelled teeth?), or the abuse of the English language?

21.) Scorpions-Animal Magnetism (1980)


Never ones for subtlety, Scorpions delivered a kick-ass album with Animal Magnestism, and continued to offend females everywhere!

22.) The Beautiful South-Miaow (1994)


Love this cover, which ultimately was banned when UK music chain HMV sued, claiming the cover mocked their dog logo. So, an alternate cover was used…


Just as cool! Although I wonder who was paddling…

23.) Heavy Cruiser-Lucky Dog (1973)


Psychedelic blues that might bore you to tears, Heavy Cruiser nonetheless knew a great, yet awful album cover when they saw one. Truly, this was a winning hand…

24.) Amazing Blondel-Amazing Blondel (1970)


I think it’s best if we don’t know what went down on this particular evening. We feel the dog’s shame spiral…

25.) Marshall Crenshaw-Life’s Too Short (1991)


Sadly, Marshall’s hair wasn’t too short. Mullet alert! (By the way, I love his music).

26.) Big Country-Why the Long Face (1995)


Ha ha. Love this band and this album cover. Are those real eyebrows?

27.) Yaz-You and Me Both (1983)


This was such a cool musical act, and this album cover proves it, although this turned out to be their final album. Maybe this is how they felt by this point…rip, snarl, snort, yip!

28.) Van Morrison-Veedon Fleece (1974)


A sadly misunderstood album, Veedon Fleece is an intriguing listen. Plus, we get Van hangin’ with two huge Irish wolfhounds. This is a win-win.

29.) Kate Bush-Hounds of Love (1985)


Simply lovely.

30.) Dexter Wansel-Time is Slipping Away (1977)


Let’s just hope Dexter’s robe doesn’t slip away.

31.) Goose Creek Symphony-Do Your Thing But Don’t Touch Mine (1974)


What. The. Fuck.

32.) The Three Suns-Soft and Sweet (1955)


Why, you filthy little tramp! (The slutty woman, not the dog who got some!)

33.) Atlanta Rhythm Section-Dog Days (1975)


This cover is so great, I’d have it tattooed on my ass. Or do I already have it there…

34.) The Replacements-All Shook Down (1990)


The band and the cover are just too damn cool for me to say anything more.

35.) John Fogerty-John Fogerty (1975)


Fogerty himself calls this album Old Shep in reference to his dog who appeared on the cover with him. Good enough for me!

36.) Alice in Chains-Alice in Chains (1995)


This incredible album was self-titled officially, but unofficially it is referred to as Tripod in honor of the three-legged pooch on the cover. Although this pup looks like a mean son of a bitch, apparently he was a sweetheart. The menace of the cover adds to the intensity of the music. By the way this album hit #1. The cover was in 3 different colors-I have the purple one.

37.) Abbe Lane-The Lady in Red (1959)


I’m seeing some serious nipple and Abbe is a hottie! The canine looks unhappy, but I’d gladly place my bone nearby if Abbe would fetch it.

38.) The Pogues-The Best of the Pogues (1991)


Bad doggie!

39.) William Bell-It’s Time You Took Another Listen (1977)


I’m a bit creeped out by Mr. Bell, and I’d imagine the dog is too. I’m sure this led to a few bites and chomps.

40.) Hoyt Axton-Snowblind Friend (1975)


Love this cover and Hoyt Axton was the man. He was the Dad in Gremlins, and for that alone, he rules eternally. He was also a great songwriter, and in fact the title cut of this album was covered by Steppenwolf. So there.

41.) Sting-If on a Winter’s Night… (2009)


A tranquil shot of Sting and his beast Compass, who I assume by his name better not get them lost.

42.) Charlie Daniels Band-Road Dogs (2000)


On par with a family portrait at Wal-Mart, this is quite embarrassing, but by 2000 nobody gave a crap anyway.

43.) INXS-Shabooh Shoobah (1982)


Whippet, whippet good! Yeah, I know that’s Devo, but get it? There’s a whippet on the cover? Never mind. Great band by the way…

44.) The Royal Guardsmen-Snoopy and His Friends (1967)


No dog is cooler than Snoopy. Not a one. Sorry, Snoop Dogg.

This album was by The Royal Guardsmen and contains the seasonal classic “Snoopy’s Christmas”, and yes, Charles Schulz himself designed the cover!

45.) Beck-Odelay (1996)


An amazing album and a truly glorious cover of a Komondor hurdling away. Did he make it? I’m guessing no. With all that fur, he needs a “Devil’s Haircut”. Ha ha ha…

46.) Melvins-Nude with Boots (2008)


I hope you love this. If not, you’re not human, so go away.

47.) Bert Jansch-Birthday Blues (1969)


Hell, yes to both the album and the cover. This guy was a phenomenal acoustic guitarist. Don’t know about the puppy.

48.) Rick Springfield-Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet (1982)


This was a hit album and a good one…despite the album cover.

49.) Nazareth-Hair of the Dog (1975)


Does it get any more kick-ass than this? Their biggest album and wildest cover (and they had some gems). The title cut still needs to be cranked to 11. Just sayin’…

50.) Bow Wow-Hard Dog (1981)


Japan’s gift to us all is Bow Wow, a band of supreme excellence thanks to guitarist extraordinaire Kyoji Yamamoto. A rather heavy album, but also with some Pop stylings, this record is a killer listen. If you don’t know of Yamamoto’s playing, please discover his genius.

51.) David Bowie-Diamond Dogs (1974)


A bonus entry here, and a tribute to the late David Bowie (I share a birthday with the man). This is of course, the banned album cover for Diamond Dogs which is worth a lotta $ still. Hard to believe this caused so much uproar back then, but it probably still would now.

In any case, the album is frickin’ brilliant and the music world will never be the same without Mr. David Jones. R.I.P. my friend…


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5 Responses to Gone to the Dogs: Best album covers featuring pooches

  1. Susan says:

    It is about time you did a blog on dog album covers! I like the fact that you acknowledged The Royal Guardsmen. I am disappointed that this is not dedicated to Uncle Steve!!!

  2. 1537 says:

    Man, that Scorpions cover … creeps me every time! Brilliant post.

    • chudbeagle says:

      I just got the new remaster of the album and it’s so damn good. But that cover (I think it was by Hipgnosis) always disturbed me. I mean, c’mon guys, have some subtlety!

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