101 Naked Album Covers-The Good, The Bad and the Very, Very Ugly (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

No nudes is bad news. At least in some cases. My goal here is to entice you with some of the hottest album covers with nudity in history as well as to repulse you. There’s no order-it’s all random, so you just know you will be scarred for life at some point!

There wasn’t one time I went into a record store and someone hadn’t tried to rip out the poster from inside the Queen album Jazz of the Nude Bicycle Race. This inspired me as a 9 year-old to say the least.

This is meant to be amusing and nothing else so if you are going to take it seriously you are beyond help. However, this is certainly a NOT SAFE FOR WORK blog entry so be wise! After all, it’s gasp…naked bodies!

We begin with this homage to Pink Floyd album covers painted on naked women.

This is an equal opportunity blog, so some dudes will appear and it ain’t pretty folks, but this poster is most enjoyable. Now, let the fun and horrors begin…

1. Orleans-Waking And Dreaming  (1976)

This cover has lived in infamy as have many American tragedies. Hey-when my male buds and I hang together naked we at least have the sense not to put it on an album cover.

Would you believe drummer Jerry Marotta went on to play with Peter Gabriel and frontman John Hall (in the middle) had a mildly succesful solo career with some cool rock songs and became a congressman? (Of course being a congressman means always being caught nude anyway). Awful.

2. Cerrone-Cerrone’s Paradise (1977)

For those who don’t know-French musician Cerrone was one of the kings of Disco and sadly, has sold a shitload of records over the years to the tune of 30 million worldwide (not many of those here in the States though!). He’s a producer/drummer/creep. Anyone wanna guess if Cerrone has a few dead French hookers in that fridge? Oui!

3. Pooh Man (MC Pooh)-Funky As I Wanna Be  (1992)

And I’m not as blind as I wanna be after seeing this.

4. The Slits-Cut  (1979)

The Slits were a female-led Punk band from the UK and this was their best-known album. This cover has them mostly naked with mud in loincloths and we see The Slits’ tits.

5. Novak’s Kapelle-Naked (1978)

AGH! A toast to inhumanity!

6. Blowfly-On Tour  (1977)

I have chills. Dear God, this is several nightmares rolled into one. Gotta love the letter “Y” gettin’ a grab o’ some nipple. Blowfly looks like a quality gentleman though.

7. Captain And Tennille-Keeping Our Love Warm  (1980)

All hands on deck for the Captain! Tennille is lookin’ just fine, but the porn stache and hat in a sauna should have the Captain swabbing the poop deck.

8. Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass-Whipped Cream & Other Delights   (1965)

Let’s see here…we have a “bride” covered in a whipped cream gown, a huge rack and she’s licking her finger. And the funny thing is, every wannabe suave/pipe-smoking/slipper wearing douche in a robe had this album in the mid 60’s thinking it would lead to an easy score.

It also proved you could play trumpet and get laid. At least Mr. Alpert did as it went to #1. By the way, Alpert was half of the A&M team (Jerry Moss was the other) who founded A&M Records.

9. Average White Band-The Best Of The Average White Band  (1981)

That ass is going to get some sunburn, which is more than acceptable. I’d like to think this woman now tells people “In the 80’s my ass was used as a W on an album cover!”.

10. Eddie Mack-Recorded Live At The Open Face Sandwich Club

Eddie Mack’s gonna give her an open face sandwich alright! Looks to me like she’s praying for the sweet release of death.

11. Sugar Ray-Lemonade And Brownies  (1995)

Sugar Ray blow, but they did have an album with Nicole Eggert on the cover naked. Nobody bought it since they were doing horrid Funk-Metal. Eggert was a little kid on Who’s The Boss and Charles In Charge then got all-growed up on Baywatch.

In 2013, the Mark McGrath & Friends cruise took place with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors and other 90’s has-beens (I’m not kidding). Jumping overboard was optional.

12. Boxer-Below The Belt  (1976)

Yeah, punch her in the c*nt-that’ll sell records you idiots! Only in the 70’s…

13. Adam Stag Party-Record #3 Shocking Humor

Ah, the good ‘ol days when stag parties meant huge cans, ribald “shocking humor” albums and nipples o’ plenty!

14. Scorpions-Lovedrive  (1979)

What a great idea-two of my favorite things-gum and boobs. (Gumboobs are awesome). The design people at Hipgnosis do it again-and the cover is humorous and harmless-yet, it was banned of course in the US. One of the Scorps’ very best albums too.

15. Katy Perry-Teenage Dream  (2010)

The idea of Russell Brand touching Katy Perry was depressing and disturbing, but at least she quickly wised up and now he’s touching himself. Katy’s cute as hell, a bit goofy and we’ll forgive her past as a Christian Pop singer. Is it her real butt or an airbrushed butt or both? Ask me if I care in any way? Nice tootsies too.

16. Mama Lion-Preserve Wildlife  (1972)

Wait you ask, what is this? Sure, this woman is very pretty but there’s no nudity here! Well, Mama Lion were one of many failed musical acts from the 70’s and this one featured singer Lynn Carey. It is what you don’t see on the front cover but what you DO see on the inner-sleeve that is pretty eye-catching for obvious reasons.

What? Yep-that’s a baby lion gettin’ to suck on one of those stupendous boobs of Lynn Carey. I ain’t lion-this is frickin’ weird. Enough of the puns. Again, it was the 70’s…

17. The Cars-Candy-O  (1979)

Great album and ultra-hot cover. Cars Drummer David Robinson suggested getting famous artist Alberto Vargas out of retirement based on an idea he had (Vargas famously did work for both Esquire and Playboy magazines). The 83 year-old Vargas first said no, but his niece was a Cars fan and she got him to do it.

The model is one Candy Moore (Guess Candy-M sounded stupid)! Robinson not only got his cover, but briefly dated Moore. Are you kidding me? The bastard.

18. 38 Special-Wild Eyed Southern Boys (1981)

This was the album with the classic “Hold on Loosely”. This was also quite a cheeky cover.

19. Charlie-No Second Chance  (1977)

I don’t remember any butterflies looking like this, and oh wait-she’s got no clothes too! Yeah! Hope that spider doesn’t get her. By the way, Charlie were actually a pretty good band, but had a truly lousy name that gave them no second chance ha ha.

20. Space-Deliverance  (1977)

In space no one can hear you scream…except for upside-down nude female astronauts.

21. Eric Clapton-E.C. Was Here  (1975)

Yes, ‘ol Slowhand was probably there a few times.

22. Sad Cafe-Fanx Ta-Ra (1977)

Another one that brings back very fond mammories. The chick has a very real set of large 70’s knockers. But, we see a tinge of sorrow as the clown in the fedora hat is leaving her after getting a roll in the hay. At least he “fanx” her by leaving a note in her lipstick on the mirror. Classy move, asshole!

23. The Strokes-Is This It  (2001)

We see one helluva side rumpus here (and thigh) with a sneak at the mid-section. Photographer Colin Lane clicked this shot after his girlfriend came out of the shower naked (kinda creepy he had a camera handy, but let’s applaud him anyway).  Anyway, the album and band are awesome and so is the cover which was idiotically banned in the States.

24. Ministry-Dark Side Of The Spoon  (1999)

T-shirt sales for this tour were not very brisk.

25. Handsome Furs-Sound Kapital  (2011)

This woman has boobs, a bush and tattoos. The photo was shot under an overpass in Portland, Oregon where apparently you can take pictures of exposed boobs, bush and tattoos. I have no complaints as those are three great things. Should I mention the irony that the act is called Handsome Furs?

26. Limits Of Desire-Small Black  (2013)

I’m rooting for the crocodile, what about you? Pretentious motherfuckers.

27. Whitesnake-Lovehunter  (1979)

Great album when Whitesnake were Blues/Hard Rock in the late 70’s. And for any feminists out there offended by Mr. David Coverdale (Whitesnake’s leader/singer) didn’t he pay his dues by briefly marrying the insane Tawny Kitaen?

28. Johnny Guitar Watson-Gettin’ Down With Johnny Guitar Watson  (1978)

Isn’t this gettin’ IN and not gettin’ down? Just sayin’…

29. Pulp-This Is Hardcore  (1998)

Of course lots of people were in up in arms about this cover which was probably the real point. Pulp were one of the many Second British Invasion bands of the 90’s but had a far tougher time cracking the US market than some of the others.

This album gave them four hit singles in the UK which was four more than they had in the States. The model was an 18 year old Russian named Ksenia. She had 32DD boobs. Yep.

30. Prince-Lovesexy  (1988)

Prince is a genius. So, how the hell did this happen? I guess it was to show how we are so naked and raw. Or, it was to get him even more pussy (and penis perhaps). Either way, this is upsetting. At least there’s no purple rain spouting out of him.

31. Tradewinds-Cream Of The Crop (1982)

Very subtle guys. Any sugar with that cream?

32. Kool And The Gang-Live At The Sex Machine  (1971)

An overweight muscle-man with a toupee lifting up 2 skinny-ass, coked-up small-titted chicks? This is one sex machine I’d unplug right the hell away. This cover was wisely unused in the US. “Celebrate good times” my ass.

33. Arthur Lewis & His Orchestra-Golden Trumpet

I don’t know what it is about the damn trumpet but the ladies seem to have dug it at one point. The trumpet here seems fairly erect. No idea in hell who Arthur Lewis is and he probably never even saw this chick, but I applaud him and his “orchestra” anyway. I’d stay away from the remix album Arthur Lewis & His Butt Trumpet.

34. Herbie Mann-Push Push  (1971)

Very hairy, sweaty, naked white guys with (skin) flutes that look they’ve rolled around in mud are just not attractive. I know that seems obvious, but in 1971 I guess it really wasn’t. Terrible.

35. Loudness-Dragon  (1998)

Japanese metal band Loudness have one of the finest guitarists in the world in Akira Takasaki. The man is a frickin’ genius. And he also knows a good ass when he sees one. That’s also one helluva thong. That’ll clean you out real thorough I’d imagine. Don’t know if the tattoo is real (I doubt it). Don’t care either.

36. Ohio Players-Ouch!  (1981)

Ouch indeed. A woman removing a band-aid from her bare ass? This is as unsexy as Bea Arthur naked in a stack of pizzas. Ouch!

37. Love & Kisses-How Much, How Much I Love You  (1978)

Naked chick, check. Naked chick on horse, check. Naked chick with nice rack in ecstasy on horse, check. More shitty, faceless Euro-trash Disco music? Check.

38. Yilmaz Koksal-Civciv cikucuk, kus, cikucuk 

Hey ladee with torpedo boobs in egg! I have lots of birdees for u to play with. My name iz Yilmaz and I will sex u very creamy like. Now bring boobies to Yilmaz for sexness!

39. Yes-Going For The One  (1977)

Absolutely one of my favorite Yes albums. Hipgnosis did this sleeve and why this guy is in the buff staring at a high rise I have no idea. Something about killer Prog Rock albums and naked male butts was musical magic (see Rush later on).

40. Z02-Ain’t It Beautiful  (2007)

Hey-this is classy and a throwback to the late 50’s/early 60’s! Very nice. Oh-the band blows.

41. Kelly Rowland-Talk A Good Game (2013)

She got game alright-and album sales that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

42. L.A.X.-Under Cover Lover  (1979)

I wonder if this “delivery” ever made it through airport security. Another Disco album cover with nudity to dance the night (and your clothes) away.

43. various artists-My Pussy Belongs To Daddy  (1957)

While you know this just screams out loud the word UNFUNNY with titles like “He Forgot His Rubbers”, “Things Are Soft For Grandma, Since Grandpa’s Eighty-Four” and “Tony’s Got His Nuts”.

I’m sure this was a hit at stag parties and Shriner’s conventions with guys and bears on small cars in fezes driving around. I’m not sure who looks more terrified, the girl or the pussy.

44. Rudy Ray Moore-The Rudy Ray Moore Zodiac Album

NO! Maybe the 70’s weren’t so good after all! I’m guessing Two Guys and Korvette’s didn’t stock this album for sale. Sanford has his “son” hanging out. Repulsive. I do not apologize-you should know better than to look at this blog, so this is your punishment!

45. Lady Gaga-The Remix  (2010)

Lady Gaga does have a tight little body with some quite squeezable cans. Who knows what’s been inside her though. This cover of The Remix was only released overseas and not in the US, but it spared us from Ms. Gaga looking like she just became a crime scene.

46. Cash Maker Orchestra-Music For Orgies

Is that a phone, a giant dildo or an Atari joystick? Either way, do you really need music for an orgy?

47. Golden Earring-Moontan  (1973)

Golden Earring are rock royalty. In their native Netherlands they have scored somewhere around 40 hit singles since their debut “Please Go” in 1965! Many of the songs were long and progressive on this album which featured the beast that is “Radar Love”.

Do I need to say this cover was banned in the US? It’s pretty hot and the blue boa or whatever it is works as the showgirl is nude (getting her moontan-heh heh) and bush is in full view.

48. Ice-T-Gangsta Rap  (1996)

Nothing like two people in love. Thank God Ice-T’s stripper wife Coco is covering up his cocoa bean. The gun on the nightstand is a nice touch. It should’ve been used.

49. Sammy Hagar-Standing Hampton  (1982)

Yes indeed, this chap’s “Hampton” must be standing for this naked lass just waiting for that bow to come off. Odd, artsy cover for the Red Rocker and a rather good album too.

50. Great White-Hooked  (1991)

You’ve got a naked woman in water which is good. Looks like it might hurt to be sitting that way. Of course, this album was not released in the US with this cover art as they had the girl on the hook, but barely above water so all you saw was her head. Lame.

51. Dorian Gray-Journey Of Mind  (1988)

Why I do need a cigarette and a can of Raid at the same time?

52. Rush-Hemispheres  (1978)

One of my favorite albums from my favorite band (along with Thin Lizzy). It’s amazing how many male fans proudly wear this shirt today uncaring about the nude dude. This album did a lot for naked guys prancing about on top of brains. Bravo!

53. Grace Jones-Island Life  (1985)

I dig Grace Jones. I like her music, she’s fun and she’s bizarre. I, however, do not need to see her nude. Ever. It’s like Manute Bol naked in oil and that’s just not good.

54. Goblin Cock-Bagged And Boarded  (2005)

This is one of those things you’d swear was fake but no, it’s not. If I had any tears left, I’d cry.

55. Placebo-Sleeping With Ghosts  (2003)

If all ghosts have asses and boobs like this they can scare the hell out of me any time they like! That may be one of the most perfect asses I’ve laid eyes on. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Sleeping With Ghosts is a fantastic album and the artwork makes it all the more better.

56. Roxy Music-Country Life  (1974)

Photographer Eric Boman did his job and up to this point there was a female on each of Roxy’s album covers. The models were Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald whom Roxy leader and singer Bryan Ferry met in Portugal.

Naturally, panic set in for America and the cover was released with only the trees visible. What a travesty! By the way, this is an incredible album even though the one chick looks kinda manly.

57. Gilbert O’ Sullivan-Every Song Has Its Play  (1995)

And every butt should be played. Gilbert looks sullen here, but he shouldn’t be (unless he was thinking of recent album sales). There’s a bit o’ cream cheese to this butt however.

58. Jane’s Addiction-Ritual de lo Habitual  (1990)

An amazing album, Ritual de lo Habitual had it’s cover banned which was ridiculous. It’s clay penis, boobs and pussy in a three-way for God’s sake! An alternate cover was the First Amendment in black and white, which was pretty damn appropriate.

59. Zombi-Escape Velocity  (2011)


Zombi create sonic soundscapes that sound like 70’s Prog acts like Tangerine Dream and Goblin and Pink Floyd as well as harder-edged sounds even though it’s just synths and drums! Clearly they love the 70’s as evidenced not only by the music but the cover art. Looks like a Hipgnosis sleeve but it’s not.

More women should run like this-but running itself should be outlawed for being stupid.

60. Robert Palmer-Pressure Drop  (1975)

Much like Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart and other suave well-dressed gentlemen, the late Robert Palmer liked nude women around him. I guess the pressure drop made her clothes fall off. She seems to have just gotten out of the shower hence the wet hair and of course, the high heels?

61. Bow Wow Wow-The Last Of The Mohicans  (1982)

Here we had Malcolm McLaren the infamous Sex Pistols manager putting together a band including ex-Adam And The Ants members and singer Annabella Lwin. This cover was paying homage or spoofing (I’m not sure which) the Manet painting The Luncheon On The Grass.

Whatever Malcolm, you sleazebag-what you were doing was exploiting this young girl (Lwin was only around 15 when this was shot). When I first saw this cover in a record store I was only 13 so I was allowed to think she was hot.

62. Godley And Creme-Freeze Frame  (1979)  

Quite artsy fartsy, but we see a great female ass and we don’t see the guy’s ass. This is good.

63. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Abbey Road E.P.  (1988)

It’s funny and disturbing, but no way 4 white guys need socks that long for their junk even if they do play Funk (yes, that rhymed).

64. Two Door Cinema Club-Beacon  (2012)

If this was falling from my ceiling I would be fine with that. The beacon of light is where the sun don’t shine by the way.

65. Uncle Sam-Heaven Or Hollywood  (1987)

Now this is gonna be a Haircut 100! Seriously, this is one of the most glorious album covers in history. I salute the hell out of you Uncle Sam!

66. Bloodhound Gang-Hefty Fine  (2005) 

I’m sure this fella hasn’t seen Mr. Winkie in years, but I’m still glad he’s in a box and we can’t either. Naked fat guys really are gross.

67. Wilding/Bonus-Pleasure Signals  (1978)

Hey dude, I’m over here standing in the bush! OK, I’m over here on top this amazing ass! I see you man, but why are we shirtless?

68. Rollins Band-Nice  (2001)

Yes, Henry you’re right-this is nice. For a stripper or porn star anyway. Sadly, this screams desperation as the Rollins Band were no longer hip in the 90’s for Alt Rock and sales for this album (even with this cover) were anything but nice.

69. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Push the Sky Away (2013)

Yeah, that’s Nick’s naked wife here. He can keep pushing his bad seed into her every night. Good for him. He rules.

70. Fausto Papetti-15a raccolta  (1972)

I playa da sax, you likea da boobs. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee doesn’t even havea da cans like this! Shaddupa you face. Capiche?

71. Rihanna-Unapologetic  (2012)

Why doesn’t Rihanna have the word PRETENTIOUS written on her? I’m sure this was meant to be shocking and daring but it’s far from it. I want an apology. Ooohhh but wait; she’s unapologetic! You go girlfriend!

72. Maroon 5-Hands All Over  (2010)

The name Maroon 5 taints this really sexy album cover. The less said about them the better. The naked chick in ecstasy with hair wildly tossed about? She’s a 19 year-old Brit named Rosie Hardy who took the photo of herself. Heh-heh, her name is Hardy.

73. Jennifer Lopez-On The 6  (1999)

J-Lo. I would like J-Lo in Jell-O. Maybe not with the tight silver panties though, but I could be swayed.

74. Sniff ‘n’ The Tears-The Game’s Up  (1980)

Sniff ‘n’ The Tears were actually a cool band only remembered for their lone hit, “Driver’s Seat” (not on this LP) one of my favorite 70’s songs which was resurrected for the film Boogie Nights in 1997 (more nudity!). The game may be up, but her top is down!

75. Robin Thicke-A Beautiful World  (2003)

Robin Thicke blurred no lines here. This photo is of his then-girlfriend and future ex-wife Paula Patton. No wonder the jerk put out an album called Sex Therapy. He needs it now-sucker!

76. Trapeze-Running  (1978)

Run to me my naked, hard-nippled lass!

77. Wet Willie-The Wetter The Better  (1976)

A buck naked chick who is indeed wetter and better is also holding a popsicle. Very subtle, guys! They obviously liked wet, naked women who may or may not touch the guys’ wet willies.

78. Bat For Lashes-The Haunted Man  (2012)

The naked dude should be fucking ashamed. I want to smash everyone involved with this in the head with a hammer. And that STILL wouldn’t satisfy me. Pre-ten-tious!

79. Eloy-Colours  (1980)

There’s something about a bare-ass female butterfly that just simply works. Eloy were also a pretty cool Prog band from Germany just so you know.

80. UFO-Making Contact  (1983)

One of my Top 10 greatest musical acts ever is UFO. The vintage UFO years of 1974-83 were some of the most brilliant, artful, melodic Hard Rock albums ever crafted. UFO also used Hipgnosis for every classic album cover including this odd one for their last studio album of the golden years.

A naked woman at a switchboard helping someone make contact with someone else? I don’t get it, but I’m not supposed to.

81. Black Crowes-Amorica  (1994)

Everyone remembers this stupid Crowes cover from 1994. Some hippie bullshit about censorship in America or whatever. I think it was fighting for the 69th Ammendment which is Freedom Of Pubes.

82. Jefferson Davis-Shades Of Blue  (2007)

I those things are going to knock down those shades. The album was later retitled Balls Of Blue.

83. Red Elvises-Welcome To The Freakshow  (2001)

Russian dorks who sing songs like “A Kegga Beer And Potato Chips” that are naked and look like this will cause a second Cold War. And I will start it.

84. Legendary Tiger Man-Naked Blues  (2002)

Butt seriously, this is a great album cover! Asstastic!

85. Uriah Heep-Fallen Angel  (1978)

The cover art here (same guy as Whitesnake’s Love Hunter) harkens back to Heep’s most Proggy moments in the early 70’s but this album is a far cry from that, though it’s not  a bad album and does have the gem “Come Back to Me”. Quoth the raven: “Nice rack!”.

86. Beady Eye- BE  (2013)

I dunno-there’s something ultra-hot about this one from ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and band. I BE very pleased with this cover! Damn. This was only used overseas, but you knew that.

87. Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland  (1968)

Jimi was not happy with this photo describing it as “a bunch of old tits”. The other, more used version of this cover has a blurred photo in yellow and red of Jimi’s head. Hendrix’s idea was the band sitting with children in Central Park on a sculpture from Alice In Wonderland but it went ignored.

Some of these chicks look like hell especially the one in the front who looks like a drunken tarot card reader. There are some hotties and nice boobs but overall this looks like the aftermath of what it probably was-a drunken, drugged-out orgy. But, what an album. Easily one of the best double-albums ever.

88. Rammstein-Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da  (2009)

Gotta hand it to the loveable guys in Rammstein-they’re certifiably nuts. And, this cover proves that. I do know that a day of fun with these guys would indeed probably involve meat cleavers, naked women, pumpkins and man-eating plants.

Oh yeah-this album had a single called “Pussy” and the video was banned (there’s a shocker). A sample of the lyrics, “You’ve got a pussy, I’ve got a dick, So what’s the problem?”. Genius!

89. Olympic Runners-Puttin’ It On Ya  (1978)

Those huge cupcakes have really got some icing on ’em! Who doesn’t miss the 70’s when you could get away with shit like this?

90. The Pretty Reckless-Going To Hell  (2014)

Don’t need a GPS for these directions. Just follow the line to the ass-crack! (The album rocks too, by the way).

91. Mom’s Apple Pie-Mom’s Apple Pie  (1972)

One of the more infamous album covers in Rock history here. This band was terrible. So, when you know you suck why not try to sell your music through other means like controversial cover art? You know, have a hot Mom licking her lips sexually while holding a “pie” fresh out of the “oven” with plenty of “cream”.

There are closeups of said pie I won’t show and it’s clearly a woman’s junk. Anyway the album was quickly pulled and an alternate cover was used in which Mom was crying from one eye and holding a pie that had a slice of the White House and an American flag. Even worse! Damn smelly hippies.

92. Nutz-Nutz  (1974)

Nutz were actually a quality UK Hard Rock band who released several albums in the 70’s. This was their debut with legs and butt on proud display. Love the french maid frill as well. The body belonged to the photographer’s wife. Nice.

93. O’Donel Levy-Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky  (1974)

Wow-are you frickin’ kidding me? O’Donel Levy is a little-known Jazz/Funk guitarist who on this album cover used his hands in other ways as that ain’t no guitar, ya know what I’m sayin? No way in hell this cover could be released today. He warned her, and now he gonna be funky. OW!!!

94. Justice-On And On  (2012)

I don’t get it, and I don’t care. She’s naked and she’s got an amazing body. The dump truck is OK too.

95. Cochise-Cochise  (1970)

From the gents at Hipgnosis we once again get an awesome album cover for this obscure, failed British Country Rock band Cochise. Lying down, the woman’s boobs are still arched. This photo shows both the front and back cover of the gatefold spread out and we see the album crease.

Cochise was also a secret password Woody used to stop an attack dog on a Cheers episode. So there.

Here is just the front cover:

96. Sebastien Tellier-Sexuality  (2008)

Now this is a horse ride worthy of taking. You’ve got mountains and bush and lots of things to navigate. I know I won’t be the only one to say it looks Lawrence Of A-labia?

97. Shakira-Oral Fixation Vol. 2  (2005)

I guess it’s meant to be shocking and artsy at the same time, but that creepy-ass baby is too much. How much air-brushing went on, who knows but Shakira does look as delicious as that apple. That baby gives me a heaping of nightmares though. I’d rather be around the It’s Alive baby and he kills everyone-even the milkman.

98. Demon-Heart of Our Time (1985)

Demon were a lousy New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, but this naked lass on her tippie toes is blissfully unaware of that fact.

99. Joey Heatherton-The Joey Heatherton Album (2004)

She was always smoking hot as this vintage photo on the album cover proves. The album is a comp of recordings she did back in 1972. Joey Heatherton…damn!!!

100. John Lennon & Yoko Ono-Unfinished Music: Two Virgins  (1968)

This cover has always made a good case for turning the lights off in the bedroom. John’s shriveled hippie junk has always freaked me out. Yoko Oh No! ain’t so great either. This is a cruel joke on the senses.

101. Weird Al Yankovic-Off The Deep End  (1992)

The perfect ending to this inane thread-enough said.

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My name is Pete Braidis and I'm in Haddon Heights, New Jersey and my goal is to point out how bad so many album and book covers are as well as review classic (usually awful) creature/monster flicks. I also have a book due out in June 2016 dedicated to guitar players I feel have never gotten their due. I interviewed 50 players from around the world and it took nearly 2 years to complete. It's called Unstrung Heroes: Fifty Guitar Players You Should Know and here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Unstrung-Heroes-Guitar-Greats-Should/dp/0764350889/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1454387582&sr=1-2&keywords=unstrung+heroes Sometimes, I'll actually do something normal like a band history with album reviews but I try to do the funny stuff because it's my job to make anyone that bothered coming on here to laugh.
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8 Responses to 101 Naked Album Covers-The Good, The Bad and the Very, Very Ugly (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

  1. chudbeagle says:

    Reblogged this on ChudbeaglemusicBlog and commented:

    Not sure if this posted the first time or not, so here goes…

  2. An absolute work of genius, Pete. The covers are awesome (and awful), and your commentary is beyond great. Also, it was safe for my work, since I’m the only full-time employee at my office. Score!

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  4. Brandon says:

    No ‘The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hiking’ by Roger Waters? I thought for sure that one would be on here.

  5. Big D says:

    Some of those are genuinely sexy. some made me want to laugh. Some made me want to dig my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

    That was entertaining. Thanks.

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