Frightening 80’s music videos #4: Haircut 100 “Love Plus One” (1982)

When men were men, and I mean REAL men we had a band called Haircut 100. These UK musicians were true bad-asses in every sense. You think Motorhead looked mean? Absolute pussies compared to Haircut 100-a bunch of guys who struck fear into the eyes of the weak.

I used to laugh my ass off every time MTV played “Love Plus One” because it was utterly ridiculous as would be the case with ALL of the Haircut 100 promos. There was a shocking amount of cheese factor to the point you knew it had to be intentional in some dorky way. At least you hoped that was the case.

Looking at Nick Heyward above with his vicious scarf and khakis with a volcano and skull in the background is quite a strange vision indeed.

In fact, EVERY member looks like a total dork, dweeb, nerd and geek. Drummer Blair Cunningham probably looks the coolest and he’s wearing a sweater! (Cunningham would go on to play with Echo & Bunnymen, The Pretenders and Paul McCartney with NO sweater).

If you want a cool band, you most certainly need a guy playing a giant xylophone.

The plot for the video of “Love Plus One” seems to involve the guys playing on a tropical island with natives running around in skeleton costumes. These voodoo practitioners will then put some of the island guests in a pot cooking them up as stew. They are mostly pasty-white British women in bad need of some tanning salons.

And, for some unknown reason, we have Heyward flying around on a rope in a loincloth.

And yet, I miss these innocent times. This video is totally ridiculous, and comically bad.  There is no question they knew how this would look, but it was 1982 and MTV was exploding, so the cornier the better! The fact that is was shot in video and not on film made it all the better.

And, that damn old man with the gray beard is in this video too! I despised this boob, and he’s here yet again! (No clips sorry).

Throughout the video, Heyward is making idiotic looks into the camera as though he is saying, “I am proud to be a dork, so watch me for the next 3 minutes and I will make you understand the equation of love plus one”.

It wasn’t until years later that I missed this kind of song and video and also realized that these guys were actually very good musicians that happened to look like morons. Their album Pelican West hit #2 in the UK and went Platinum and contained 4 Top 10 hits. Egads!

In the States thanks to their videos, “Love Plus One” and the album would reach the US Top 40. You know you’re out there whoever bought this album! I admit, if I had bought this album, the beating from my friends would’ve been justified.

Heyward in fact had a nervous breakdown from the sudden success of Haircut 100 and was sacked in late 1982. Percussionist Mark Fox took over on vocals and the group’s sophomore album Paint And Paint (there’s a brilliant album title) was an enormous bomb failing to even chart in 1984. Booting Limahl didn’t work for Kajagoogoo either guys, so you weren’t the only ones to fail miserably after doing so. Haircut 100 had quickly snipped their way to a sudden end.

Heyward would embark on a solo career that produced some hits in the 80’s and 90’s and some genuinely great singer/songwriter material that was of high quality and very sophisticated. VH1 got the guys to speak to one another again for another Bands Reunited episode around 2004. A full reunion occurred in 2011 and the sweaters were back baby!

Tell me you don’t sing these lyrics in the shower:

When I call love
Give love some soul
If I may be quite so bold
Where does it go from here?
Is it down to the lake I fear?
Ay ah ah ah ah ah
Ay ah ah ah ah ah
Then I call
Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring)
La la love plus one
Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring)
When I call love
Love plus one

Did you ever get lonely and dial Love Plus One on your cell phone? I don’t think that’s even an actual number, but we should all try at the same time. Maybe Jenny would answer (or was that 867-5309)?

Even better you can get your hair done at Haircut 100 in Voorhees, New Jersey! I wish I was kidding, but no-it’s real. Enjoy the video and laugh away. And look for that stupid old man too!

“Love Plus One” facts:

hit UK #3 and US #37 on the singles charts in 1982

Pasty, pale-white British people: too many

Guys singing in loincloths: 1

Love Plus One equation=Love 1?

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