Frightening 80’s music videos #3: Kajagoogoo “Too Shy” (1983)

There was a grand ‘ol time in the UK when, in 1983 some sort of social disease known as Kajagoogoomania existed. Teen girls screamed and cried as frontman Limahl enchanted them with his cooing and the rest of the guys looked like a bunch of typical New Wavers dressing badly and loudly, but looking like anyone would expect during this special year.

You see, every generation has what is referred to as “teeny-bopper music” and in 1983 Kajagoogoo fit the bill, at least in the UK. Here in the US, the band their one big hit and weren’t thought of again. That one hit was “Too Shy” which topped the charts in the UK and went Top 5 in America.

Just look at that cute-as-the-dickens Limahl! He’s so innocent, perhaps even too shy? Maybe he’s also wondering why those crappy electronic drums are behind his head?

For some reason the band is playing in a sort of VFW hall while a cocktail waitress walks around. A “Welcome Home Boys” banner and the style of dress tells us this is during the war around the 40’s or so. So why the fuck would Kajagoogoo be playing there? It’s not supposed to make sense I guess. But wait-now it’s suddenly the 80’s and we see 80’s people gettin’ down to the sexual sounds of Kajagoogoo. So-is it now or then? Is it all in her head? Do I care?

The waitress actually was rather hot and we can see why Limahl was too shy. Oh yeah-she’s now married to comedian Dennis Miller. Small world, eh?

I would also note in the very beginning of the video you will see a bearded old man exchanging money with the staff. This boob was in countless videos on MTV. I remember him from videos by Billy Joel, Squeeze, Ultravox, Haircut 100 and others. He obviously knew someone and just the sight of him angers me to no end. I hate this man! But I digress.

The lyrics for “Too Shy” were poetic genius:

Too shy shy
Hush hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy
Hush hush

With words like that, it makes me really reflect on life. But doesn’t it excite the soul to see Limahl singing those words with conviction? Barefoot no less! Like he’s singing them just for me?

Some further lyrical awesomeness:

Modern medicine falls short of your complaints
Ooh, try a little harder
You’re moving in circles,
won’t you dilate
Baby try

Can’t beat those words-I dare you. Go ahead! “Too Shy” still gets played to this day and that’s truly tragic.

On a serious note, bassist Nick Beggs is a dynamite musician. A simply phenomenal bassist, I saw him as a part of ex-Led Zeppelin member John Paul Jones’s band back around 2002 in concert and he was awesome. I mean, even on this laughable Pop turd “Too Shy”, the bass lines are fantastic.

I cannot explain the photo below which seems to be from some sort of nightmarish UK TV show in the 80’s where it’s apparently a great idea to have bald female mannequins wrapped in sheets surrounding a band.

Kajagoogoo made a Kajabooboo when they sacked Limahl during the height of their popularity and Beggs doubled up on vocals. They some minor hits, but they faded into the 80’s ether very quickly and split in 1985 after daringly shortening their name to Kaja (Yeah, that’ll save your floundering career guys). Let’s not forget that Limahl graced us with the nauseating 1985 hit “The Never Ending Story” from the hideous film of the same name. Actually, let’s forget that after all.

VH1 Classic’s Bands Reunited show briefly got the original 5 guys speaking and playing again in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2008 that they got past their bickering and made the world quiver again and are still together now. Hold back the tears please.

Enjoy seeing this cinematic masterpiece one more time!

“Too Shy” stats:

US #5/ UK #1 (1983) on the singles charts

Limahl mullets: 1

Distraught waitresses: 1

Shyness: A lot of it.

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9 Responses to Frightening 80’s music videos #3: Kajagoogoo “Too Shy” (1983)

  1. Another great write-up, Pete. I really hated this song back in the day…it was way too light & airy for my tastes…but Nick Beggs’ bass line is fantastic and it now holds a certain charm for me (perhaps I’ve softened in my middle age). I’m glad you mentioned the Bands Reunited episode, which was really enjoyable. Are you sure the entire original lineup is still together? Beggs has been playing with some prog bands, including the amazing Steve Wilson and the recent group Lifesigns. I also saw him with John Paul Jones, twice, and was blown away by his abilities. It’s amazing to think that his biggest commercial claim to fame is Kajagoogoo when he’s actually a brilliant musician who should get much more recognition.

    A couple of years ago I picked up the first Kajagoogoo album on vinyl, probably for $1-$2, hoping to be surprised by some hidden gems, but most of the songs went in one ear & out the other. At this point, though, I have to admit that I’m a fan of “Too Shy,” audio or video.

  2. chudbeagle says:

    Not that I keep track, but last I heard the original 5 guys are still “Too Shy” to separate and are still together! Beggs does a ton of side work and he is a great guy and a killer bass player as well as on Chapman Stick. He also played bass for ABC if I remember on their Bands Reunited episode. I miss that show even though most of it was staged.

    • I miss that show as well. Not only was it cool to see one of my favorite bands (The Alarm) get back together, as well as bands I had a moderate interest in (Haircut 100, ABC, The Beat, The Motels, Scandal), but even the ones I had slightly less interest in made for some great (if staged) TV. I even bought a Berlin compilation after seeing that episode, partly due to the cool music (only some of which I was familiar with) and partly because of how hot Terri Nunn was/is. I kept hoping they would get Spandau Ballet back together, as I’m a big fan, but it took the band themselves to do it a couple of years ago. Sadly, they never toured the US.

      • chudbeagle says:

        It was a fun series and lasted 2 seasons at least. Such a shame The Alarm didn’t stay together although Mike Peters had a very good version of the group with his lineup and I saw them play a very good, electric show. Just was not the same as the classic lineup at all. So strange (yet cool) to see him fronting Big Country now. Still gotta get that new studio album and the BBC box from Big Country!

      • As you know I’m a huge Big Country fan. They’re my favorite band of the last 30 years, and I was fortunate to see the original lineup AND the lineup with Mike Peters (when Tony Butler was still in the band, and the show was in Scotland…woo-hoo!). I’m waiting for my BBC box set to arrive from the UK. The new studio album is very good, as long as it’s not held up to the lofty expectations that come with using the Big Country name.

        I’ve also seen The Alarm several times, all with the original lineup. The saddest part of their Bands Reunited episode was seeing Nigel Twist working in a cubicle. Glad they all got to perform together again, even if it was just a one-time thing.

  3. Craig Kline says:

    Few know that Limahl is an anagram of this last name, Hamill. He inspired me to briefly change my name to Elkin in the mid-80s.

  4. CM says:

    The bearded man seek and find – hilarious, love it. Your articles are awesome. Thanks!

  5. “Won’t you dilate?” GROSS. That’s a word only applied to women about to deliver a baby. Again, GROSS.

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